Creative Self Destruction: Corporate Responses to Climate Change as Political Myths

Image: iStockPhoto
Image: iStockPhoto

Recently I’ve been pondering the worsening news on climate change, escalating greenhouse  gas emissions (400ppm!), and the continued political obfuscation around this most critical of phenomena.

One response has been to get increasingly angry and frustrated at the lack of substantive and coordinated action in confronting climate change. Another has been to ponder why humanity fails to engage on this issue. Recently Daniel Nyberg and I have penned a paper seeking to explore how political myths underpin much of the current corporate response to climate change. I’m presenting the paper at the forthcoming European Group for Organization Studies (EGOS) 2013 conference in Montreal. You can read the paper here: Wright & Nyberg EGOS2013 Paper Final – be interested in your thoughts and feedback.

4 thoughts on “Creative Self Destruction: Corporate Responses to Climate Change as Political Myths”

  1. Top paper. You mention only briefly the role of universities in perpetuating these myths. “These myths are narrated by corporations, governments, the mass media as well as academia in engaging with different audiences and are continuously worked on, or re-narrated, to ensure contextualization and reappropriation to new or different societal needs.”
    I tackled the role of the modern, corporate university in all this in a paper some years ago. The second half of the paper (p.54 onwards) might provide some stimulus to say more about academia, national research priorities, promotion and the ERA etc etc have all been captured by the three myths. See:

  2. Glenn,

    Thanks for that reference and yes good point re the modern university’s role in re-narrating political myths of corporate omnipotence. Something we’ll consider in revising the paper.



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