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A technologically advanced society is choosing to destroy itself. It’s both fascinating and horrifying to watch

07 November 2022

The Conversation

As world leaders assemble for the United Nations climate change conference (COP27) in Egypt, it’s hard to be optimistic the talks will generate any radical departure from the inexorable rise in global carbon emissions over the past two centuries.

The numbers of climate change and COP26

12 November 2021

Sydney Business Insights

This week: all the numbers of climate change and what they mean from the COP26 in Glasgow, with our expert Professor Christopher Wright.

Australia has been dragged kicking and screaming to a net zero plan before Glasgow, but we still trail the pack

The Guardian Australia

1 November 2021

Given the Coalition’s history of defending fossil fuels, what are we to make of their belated climate commitment? Overall, it appears the song remains the same.

From denial to delay: Moving beyond Australia’s fossil fuel addiction

20 October 2021

Sydney Environment Institute

Why is the Australian Government accelerating the expansion of coal and gas exports as other nations commit to emission reduction targets, and what could our future look like instead?

Capitalism/consumerism in the way of addressing climate change

28 September 2021

Punk Journalism

Climate change is arguably the most pressing issue that we face globally. The evidence couldn’t be any more explicit, yet there’s hardly a sense of urgency in addressing it. We spoke with Dr. Laurie Adkin from the University of Alberta and Dr. Christopher Wright from the University of Sydney Business School who have both written on how capitalism, corporatism and consumerism are major obstacles in the way of addressing this dire issue.

The impending apocalypse happening in plain sight: a response to the latest IPCC report

17 September 2021

Sydney Business Insights

If you are not horrified by the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report then you are not getting the message.


Climate change is costing the global economy billions

10 September 2018

BBC World News – Asia Business Report

Climate change is costing the global economy billions of dollars in damage through hurricanes, droughts, floods and wildfires. Across the Asia-Pacific we are starting to see the economic costs grow.


Institutional investors pressure G7 leaders for action on climate change
08 June 2018
ABC Radio National

The G7 summit kicks off in Canada on Friday and as some of the world’s most powerful leaders gather, some big players in the financial sector are applying pressure on them to take tougher action on climate change.

the conversation

Why we can’t rely on corporations to save us from climate change
27 Oct 2017
The Conversation

While businesses have been principal agents in increasing greenhouse gas emissions, they are also seen by many as crucial to tackling climate change. However, our research shows how corporations’ ambitious pro-climate proposals are systematically degraded by criticism from shareholders, media, governments, other corporations and managers.


In Australia and the US, sound climate policy is being held hostage by vested interests
07 Feb 2017
The Guardian

We must shift away from a culture of politically motivated climate change denialism to an acceptance of the truly existential threat now facing humanity.

Fossil Free Oxfordshire Divestment Campaign

Corporate climate risk is all about turning a profit, not fixing the problem
21 Oct 2016
The Conversation

Corporate risk calculations downplay the need for radical change and emphasise “business as usual”.


The Best Thing a Business Could do for the Environment is Shut Down
28 Jan 2016
The Guardian

… of course, they’re not going to do that. So how do managers balance their climate change fears and the reality of the business world?


Paris Climate Treaty and Corporations
16 Dec 2015
Up All Night (BBC Radio 5)

Professor Christopher Wright talks to Rhod Sharp about what role major corporations may play as a result of the recently settled Paris climate agreement.


Week 1 of the Paris Climate Talks
07 Dec 2015
Breakfast (ABC 702)

Following the first week of the Paris Climate Talks, Professor Christopher Wright talks to Dom Knight  about what has been achieved and the liklehood of meaningful climate action resulting from COP21.


Business and the Paris Climate Talks
26 Nov 2015
Breakfast (ABC 702)

In the lead-up to the Paris Climate Talks, Professor Christopher Wright talks to Robbie Buck about what the role of business is likely to be at COP21.

ScreenHunter_212 Nov. 19 21.31

Corporations and climate change
22 Nov 2015
Ockham’s Razor (ABC Radio National)

In the lead-up to the Paris Climate Talks, Christopher Wright, examines how environmental destruction became a business opportunity. He explores the complex relationship between the corporate world and climate change, and the central role of corporations in shaping political and social responses to the climate crisis.

ScreenHunter_211 Nov. 19 21.28

How climate destruction became a business opportunity
09 Nov 2015
The Leap

Global corporations, many of them now larger and more powerful than nation states, have enormous sway on humanity’s response to the climate crisis.

ScreenHunter_187 Oct. 26 11.07

New book claims climate change is not being properly addressed by market based economies and business
23 Oct 2015
                                                        ABC Radio

The free market and business world is on a devastating road to “creative self-destruction” because it prizes profits over the planet, according to a new book which critically examines the response to climate change, which the authors describe as “the greatest threat of our time.”


Capitalism’s catastrophic failure to address climate change
12 Oct 2015
                                                        ‘The Wire’ Radio 2SER

In their new book, Climate Change, Capitalism and Corporations: Process of Creative Self Destruction, Professors Christopher Wright and Daniel Nyberg say we are failing to address the elephant in the room when it comes to climate change – capitalism. They place companies which claim to value the environment, while at the same time refusing to abandon profitable policies that contribute to its annihilation, under the microscope and say “business as usual” is hurtling us towards climate catastrophe.

ScreenHunter_172 Oct. 16 12.23

Corporations and ‘climate change’ – do they help or hinder?
12 Oct 2015
Radio 4CA

It is always a difficult matter to raise because there are still some people who are ‘sceptical’ about climate change. It if often said that many sceptics just don’t want to believe it may be true because is compromises the principles of capitalism – the cornerstone of our modern economies. Should this really be a basis of discarding the warnings?


Big Business Must Put ‘Planet over Profit’
06 Oct 2015
Sky News

If the world wants to slow climate change, it needs a united front. But according to the authors of new book Climate Change, Capitalism and Corporations – big business is acting against the movement by prioritizing profits over the planet.


‘Greening’ the Economy Won’t Stop Climate Change
05 Oct 2015
Radio National Drive

A new book, ‘Climate Change, Capitalism, and Corporations: Processes of Creative Self-Destruction’, says the mechanisms currently used to reduce carbon emissions are inadequate to deal with climate change.


Creative self-destruction: the climate crisis and the myth of ‘green’ capitalism
21 Sep 2015
The Conversation
To make a meaningful difference to climate change, businesses will have to break out of a cycle of exploiting the earth’s resources in ever-more creative ways.

Reprinted in Renew Economy; IFL Science;  From Quarks to QuasarsDeSmogBlog

Recycling rules: carnival of coal is a blast from the PR past
10 Aug 2015
The Conversation

Like a broken record, coal PR has been singing the same tune for decades.


The successful slow death of management consultants
19 Feb 2015
The Conversation

How the gurus of good governance made a powerful case, and put their industry at risk.


To get climate change under control, our growth fetish must go
15 Nov 2014
The Conversation

Economic growth will be the main measure of success for  at the G20 talks in Brisbane, but should it be?


Can business save us from climate change?
15 April 2014
The Conversation

There are a three key reasons not to rely on business to save us from climate change. Ultimately we’ll need a global response to keep carbon emissions below a safe threshold.


Trying to cash in on climate change won’t fool nature
1 April 2014
The Conversation (UK)

Until we appreciate quite how brilliantly the political myths of corporate environmentalism satisfy their purpose to protect the interests of some at the expense of the rest, any meaningful alternatives will remain elusive.


Climate change research targeted in era of political denial
18 Nov 2013
Renew Economy

Members of the Abbott government are now turning their turrets towards climate change research, with some branding such grants as “appalling.”

What does direct action on climate change really look like?
30 Oct 2013
Renew Economy

As the disconnect between political obfuscation and climate science continues, how might individuals respond to climate change?


In the corporate fight club, the environment usually loses
25 Oct 2013
The Conversation

We seem to have reached a stage where both the environment and the market are treated as social goods. It follows then that the two will occasionally have competing interests. So which tends to benefit and which tends to suffer when compromise is inevitably sought?

We’re f*cked! Conceptualising catastrophe
20 Sept 2013
Renew Economy

Climate change is often characterised as a ‘crisis,’ but should it be more accurately understood as a ‘catastrophe’?


Hot under the collar about climate change? It’s natural
04 Sep 2013
The Conversation

Identifying and harnessing the emotional levers that drive positive change in people is the key to the climate change debate.

business people

Are Consultants worth the money?
13 Jul 2013
The Sydney Morning Herald

Interviewed on the changing role and use of management consultants.


Global business responses to climate change: Where to now?
18 Mar 2013
The Conversation

Despite the widespread scientific consensus regarding anthropogenic climate change, ideological rhetoric dominates the global political discourse. This is preventing the development of clear policy frameworks that companies need for long-term investments. In spite of this, there are signs of progress at the international, national and corporate levels, writes Christopher Wright and Andy Hoffman.


Carbon tax: not everyone’s worse off
03 Jul 2012
Australian Financial Review

Christopher Wright and Maurizio Floris highlight the political and business impediments  that stand in the way of Tony Abbott’s pledged repeal of the Carbon Tax.

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