The Newsroom, segment from “Main Justice” (series 3, episode 3)
Brilliant dark humour in which news anchor Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) interviews an EPA official (Paul Lieberstein) following the announcement that CO2 emissions have exceeded 400ppm – the interview does not go well!

Honest Government Ad | Renewable Energy (NEG)
The Juice Media’s satirical take on Australia’s ‘climate wars’!

“Break Up with Fossil Fuels this Valentine’s Day” (UK Climate Youth Coalition)
A spoof video by the UK Youth Climate Coalition promoting the idea of divesting from fossil fuels as akin to breaking up with an unsuitable or abusive partner.

“Breaking Up With Fossil Fuels is Hard to Do” (Environmental Policy Alliance)
An unintentionally funny video developed by fossil fuel interests in response to global divestment day on Valentine’s Day 2015.

“Australian Coal Mining Company: 2014 Climate Policy Update”
Satirical advert outlining a fictitious coal company’s new vision statement and also highlighting the problem of trying to overcome the conflict between social, environmental and shareholder interests!

“Australian Mining – the REAL Story”
A satirical voice-over of a mining industry advertisement which was origially designed to promote the benefits of mining to local communities and national well-being. A good example of culture-jamming as a source of effective environmental critique.

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