IMG_5503_edited-4As a Professor of Organisational Studies at The University of Sydney Business School, my research interests include the history and practice of management, the diffusion of management ideas, consultancy and organisational change, and managerial and occupational identity. These are subjects on which I have published extensively (CV), and you can find links to many of these here.

Over the last decade I have been conducting research in two major areas. Firstly, I have extended my long-term interest in management consultancy and organisational change by exploring the diffusion and translation of consultancy within large corporations through the development of ‘management as consultancy’.

Secondly, I have led a major research project into business responses to climate change. This has included issues of corporate environmentalism and corporate citizenship as political myths, justification and compromise in corporate responses to the climate crisis, and the role of identity and emotion in managerial reactions to climate change.

In addition to a broad range of journal articles on these topics, I have authored two books appearing in 2015 published by Cambridge University Press.

My professional interest in the intersection of business and climate change is also evident in my roles as leader of the Balanced Enterprise Research Network (BERN) at the University of Sydney Business School, and as an executive member of the Sydney Environment Institute.

You can view my work website here, follow me on Twitter, or get in touch via email.

Other links to my research include:
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  1. Hi Chris,

    great blog. Thank you. Glad I found you, thanks for connecting.


    p.s. Your “email” link on this page isn’t working.

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