Symposium on Business Responses to Climate Change

In March this year, the Sydney Network on Climate Change and Society in association with the University of Sydney Business School organized a one-day symposium exploring how businesses as social actors have responded to the emerging climate crisis. The symposium featured a keynote address by Professor Andy Hoffman, the Holcim (US) Professor of Sustainable Enterprise at the University of Michigan, followed by contributions from other influential academic writers on climate change, and insights from a range of business practitioners at the leading edge of corporate environmental sustainability.

You can view video content from the symposium (overview above), as well as video of the Andy Hoffman’s keynote and full paper presentations and their associated slides at the Sydney Network on Climate Change and Society website.

Given last week’s news of concentrations of carbon dioxide in the air rising beyond the symbolic 400ppm concentration level, if humanity is to have a future it is timely to reconsider the role of business in the urgent task of de-carbonising our economic and social system.

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